Organisation Environment

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Table of Contents 1 Introduction to organization environment 4 2 Background of Macdonald 4 3 Strength and weakness of the company 5 3.1 Strengths 5 3.2 Weakness 5 4 MacDonald specific and general environment 6 4.1 Specific environment 6 4.1.1 Customers: 6 4.1.2 Competitors 6 4.1.3 Supplier 6 4.1.4 Strategies partners 7 4.2 General Environment 7 4.2.1 Economic conditions 7 4.2.2 Political / legal conditions 7 4.2.3 Social culture conditions-society, education level, religion 8 4.2.4 Demographic condition 8 4.2.5 Technological Conditions 8 4.2.6 Global condition 8 5 The effect of MacDonald in specific and general environment 9 5.1 Specific Environment 9 5.1.1 Customer 9 5.1.2 Competitor 10 5.1.1…show more content…
Weakness As food industry is saturated, it will be hard to add new outlets. Other than that increase in food sources pricing, the continuation of annual dividend and price competition that driven by the competitors hinder the capability to raise revenue. Nonetheless, to rectify this problem the company has swift the focus from a value menu to a more diverse one. Another problem is that there is limited product innovation and sometime customers will be sick of eating the same food again and again. It is also harder to find prime locations and when expand over to other countries; it will have to face the posing potential cultural challenges. There is also growing concern with the healthy diet as the result MacDonald being a fast food restaurant will be an unhealthy choice to most of the healthy lifestyle people and they will choose not to visit MacDonald. Lastly it may create an unhealthy eating culture to the country as fast food is not a good choice for healthy lifestyle and it may increase the rate of obesity of the country. Organization Specific and General Environment Specific environment Specific environment is the factors that will directly relevant to achievement of an
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