Organisation and Behaviour

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To: Teresa GREEN, CEO of SLB From: Amelie ARRAS, business consultant Date: 16th October 2012 Subject: issues and solutions within SLB Introduction The aim of the report is to analyse the current organisational structure and culture within southern bakeries limited (SLB) and give you recommendations about what could be improved. Indeed, you identify that changes should be applied to achieve the new business goal and enable the company to grow. I will also explain how changes could impact on the business considering advantages and drawback of different structures and cultures available to you. Culture and organisational structure within SLB: First of all, a structure is the architecture which connects all…show more content…
If individuals act in ways that seem illogical or contrary to you, it is probably not because of stupidity, but it can be due to their culture, different ways of working, traits and personal beliefs; everyone interpret things differently and the best way to be run a successful business is to understand that. It is essential to understand the behavioural traits of your employees as this is a key to success when implementing change. Because by understanding ones behaviour you are then able to anticipate which attitude they will adopt to certain situations and also to approach things differently to suit people personality ensuring the success of change. It takes 3-8 years to change the culture within an organisation and it is clear to see you have successfully changed the culture of SBL however Myrtle still needs to be converted and by understanding her own behavioural traits it will become easier to fit her in your new culture. Conclusion In summary, I went through how within
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