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“Political Activity is alive and well in organisations. Critically discuss this statement. What factors result in Organisational Politics and what is the role of such behaviour on other people at work?”

Political Activity is alive and well in organisations – one of the biggest killers of productivity is not a lack of innovation, productive systems or visionary thinking, its politics (Fraser, 2013, p. 1). It is a major issue in organisations as the individual who controls their working relationship consumes time and resources for their own gain at the company’s expense. In this
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Lower level of members within an organisation who have a low level of trust don’t believe that higher management will create favourable outcomes and the individual with low level of trust will need to take further action.

Efficacy is the capacity to produce an effect. Thus it refers not to the need to engage in political behaviour, but rather to the expectation that one’s political actions will yield desired outcomes and thus be worth the costs of action. (Farrell & Peterson, 1982, p. 409)

Those with low self-efficacy within the organisation will engage in little political behaviour. New employees or employees that have changed position within the organisation may indulge in political behaviour. However if their efforts are fruitless, or their perceived ability to influence does not come about then the level of political behaviour inferred will cease.

Organisational Factors

Organisations are social entities that involve individuals and groups to obtain benefits and goals in different ways. The struggle for resources, personal conflicts and a variety of influence tactics used by these social entities assists in obtaining them.

Politicking represents conscious self serving behaviours that are inconsistent with the goals of the organisation.

Some examples of Organisational Factors

. Reallocation of resources
. Trust
. Role Ambiguity
. High Performance Pressures
. Self-Serving Senior Managers

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