Organisational Behaviour

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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT THE MANAGERS JOB IN CONTEXT COURSE TITLE: ORGANISATIONS: BEHAVIOUR, STRUCTURE, PROCESSES PRESENTATION DATE: 06 / 05 / 2012 Table Of Contents: i) Abstract ii) Introduction iii) Job Responsibilities: Bank Manager iv) Key Personnel Description and Relationships a) Organization b) Tellers / Personal Bankers c) Customers - Existing / Potential d) Specialist Managers / Relationship Managers e) Summary v) Diagram: Branch Structure and Interdependencies vi) Diagram Summary vii) Conclusion viii) Bibliography / Reference i) Abstract: The report seeks to highlight the intricacies in…show more content…
This requires extensive product, policy and procedure knowledge and skill to communicate effectively with the clients. They also require the knowledge and skill to identify specialised client needs and to operate tools that enables performance efficiency and effectiveness. c) High valued clients / Relationship Managers: Importance - Medium. Maintaining relationships is a very important aspect of the managers daily routine. Existing clients also provide business for the branch. They may vary in sizes from domestic to large multi-national corporations. They provide a source for new business so there is importance in maintaining relationships and enhancing the branches reputation. New business provides an avenue to achieve branch objectives. It is essential for clients to have reliable sources that can execute and deliver on their needs efficiently, effectively and accurately. The link is only as good as its support mechanisms, therefore, the skill of the people involved in completing the task. d) Specialist managers (Financial Planning & Investments, Housing Loans, Business Loans): Importance - Medium. Specialist managers offer higher value products and require specialty managers that are accredited in providing products and solutions to clients. Specialist managers rely heavily on branch resources due to the volume of customers that enter its doors, as they are a reliable source of new business for the branch. e) All groups consist

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