Organisational Behaviour

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Unit 3: Organisations and Behaviour

Assignment 1

An organisation is defined as a clearly bounded group (or groups) of people interacting together to achieve a particular goal in a formally structured and co-coordinated way.

A hierarchy organisation is when employees are ranked at various levels within the organisation, each level is one above the other. A tall hierarchical organisation has many levels and a flat hierarchical organisation will only have a few.

Flat Hierarchy

Flat hierarchies were introduced to cut costs as fewer people are now being employed as managers or supervisors. This then leaves current staff with greater responsibility as their span
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This then allows staff to specialise in their specific area.

Clover Leaf Structure
This structure provides a “more radical design within a system approach to the entire organisation”. Management is at the centre of the leaf and participates in all 4 major organisational systems co-ordinating the work of each of these systems as well as determining organisational objectives.

The four structures I have decided to compare and contrast are; ▪ Simple line ▪ Functional ▪ Matrix ▪ Clover Leaf

A simple line structure is connected by solid, vertical lines connecting staff to display direct line relationships. Senior staff in this structure are referred to as line managers. This type of structure would operate best for a small business employing a small number of employees, meaning staff are directly responsible to the person immediately above them. This differs to the functional structure as it works best in a large business employing specially trained staff in a particular area i.e., Marketing, Research and Development and allows employees to use their skills to their full potential. Also each member belonging to a particular part of the functional area responds to the Head of their Department, who then responds to the Board of Directors, whereas in the simple line structure communication is direct. Simple line structure is much more ‘simple’ in terms of layout, communication and approach.

The second structure which I will compare is a Matrix

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