Organisational Behaviour

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Cognitive Intelligence (CI) and Emotional Intelligence (EI) are considered to be important individual differences in the field of organisational behaviour and there is a lot of research to support this statement. This essay will critically evaluate both concepts and discuss how cognitive ability and EI are applied in modern organisations. It is clear that CI and EI both have very different roles in the modern organisation and they assist in the prediction of success in both personal and professional sectors of ones life. It is important to understand the main difference being that CI implements the individuals mental function for understanding and developing a systematic prospective in thinking whilst EI is considered as the ability for…show more content…
There is also evidence presented indicating that GMA predicts performance within jobs and occupations (Schmidt & Hunter, 2004). GMA testing during the hiring process of new employee can assist with evaluating if the applicant has the skills for the role. GMA is viewed as important for academic performance, during educational years though has little impact on performance in real world performances (Schmidt & Hunter, 2004).
CI and EI both have their own strengths and weaknesses within a modern organisation. There are growing bodies of research which demonstrate that EI is a better predictor of success than traditional measures of cognitive ability. The workplace is an ideal environment for people to develop their social and emotional skills, as individuals are motivated to develop those capabilities in pursuit of success and promotion. The concept is equally important to employers, as their bottom-line productivity results can rest on the emotional intelligence of the whole organisation. When executives and employees work to improve capabilities in areas in which they are weakest, it benefits the entire organisation, improving communication and increasing productivity. Research indicates that individuals with high level of CI are required to have high level of EI and individuals with low level of CI are required to have low level of

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