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The benefits of self-evaluation/self-assessment as it relates to leaders today
Studies of, and teachings on organizations, companies and their leaders of various types and origins has been around for years, it is, however, only in the last 2 or 3 decades that focus has been put on the more non-technical soft skills of management and managers by these studies and teachings, and courses on these have been added to the curriculum of business schools. (Robbins & Judge, 2001)
I will, in the following, discuss the benefits of self-evaluation/self-assessment as it relates to leaders today.
For many years, emotions were frown upon as something unwanted, undisciplined and unprofessional in business. (Clawson,
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know yourself. Before expanding on the goals, team, determination and celebration parts also important in creating high performing team. It is not only the leader personally that should or could benefit from this process of self-evaluation and self-assessment, but also the team and the organization as a whole.
Self-evaluation/Self-assessment has been translated to “Self-leadership” This incorporates: Self-awareness, Self-management, and Self-development (Runn, 2013)
Self-leadership successfully done, ultimately delivers overall leadership. The above discussion of the traits, trends and methods of some of the many available tools and theories for leaders to perform self-evaluation and self-assessment all points to the immense benefit these bring both the individuals and their organizations.
Scholars have researched and analyzed data from many different industries, companies and organizations of different shapes and size. The Scholars have concluded that leaders demonstrating self-awareness and self-confidence tend to have reduced staff turn-over and have created healthier work environments. And we all know the old adage: “Happy
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