Organisational Behaviour and Work

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D. Mendelis Task 1 1a) Types of organisation and definitions explains about purpose for various businesses in the UK to stabilise growing inflation to normal level: ‘Any organisation that wishes to carry out its mission successfully must have a functioning internal structure, and must have systems that allow it to carry out its work effectively.’ Available from: [7 July, 2012] The organisational structure may explain within illustrated chart or graph. The hierarchical typical framework outlined of authority and communications, what allocates rights and duties, a structure depends on organisation objectives plus strategy. a.e.: In the centralized structure a decision making…show more content…
1b) Organisational culture is its personality. Or ‘Culture is a popular explanatory concept frequently used to describe a company, a rationale for people’s behaviour, a guideline for action, a cause for condemnation or praise, or a quality that mistakes a company ‘what it is’ (Kunda, 1992).’ (Wilson F. M., 2010). Each organisation has unique culture that impact in that way organisation operates. Types of culture: Power culture – centralisation of power is the key function and there is a central power source and influence spread out from centre. ‘Ford’ organisation was regarded to be the most representative of power culture. Role culture – typical bureaucratic organisation, which is divided onto layers of offices and officials. This type organisation can be arranged following to functions of marketing, human relations, finance, etc. Task culture – is job or project oriented and is placed for completing a specific task. Team culture very well determines in the task way in which the work is organised. Bringing 2 D. Mendelis together in a working team for a particular project gives the basis of a task culture. Today’s businesses individuals often are members of several project teams at the same time to develop quality circles. Person culture – individuals are central for an organisation, which exist only to serve the interest of those within it. Person cultures are founded in
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