Essay on Organisational Change Management

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The Galley represents as a restaurant, which has approximately 150 seats to serve in a canteen style restaurant. It is situated on the top floor of an eight-story building. Until 2012 it had offered a buffet service for the employees of that building. Actually the galley Cafeteria had links with a shipping company.
In 2013 as per the huge international competition, it was taken over by a Lunchbox UK Ltd. Lunchbox UK Ltd provided all the existing 20 staff of the Galley’s restaurant with new set of terms and condition. Over the past two years many developments took place in the surrounding area including a cinema, a sports center, 30 office buildings and many private apartments. As a result there were three new restaurants and
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2. Change management: change management process is most effective when they are flexible and can be scaled to fit the particular business need (Hiatt, 2003)
3. Trade union: if the employees are not happy with the company and complains about their problem, there should be a chances to closing the company and trade union would not be allow to run the company.

The PEST analysis:
Social: In order to have an added advantage, Galley should have as in depth knowledge regarding their competitors in the same area. Hence, there more restaurants and pubs have been developed; this has led to a change in the overall profit of the organization.

Economic: location also plays one of the most crucial factors in the demand for the Galley’s restaurant.

Politics: problem amongst the trade union would create major external issue in the organization. Any type of issue amongst the out sider as trade union might create a problem in the smooth functioning of the restaurant.

Technological: The galley is still using the old sane technology since 1980. So the outdated resources were the drawback of the Galley. It has not come up with the new technology.

Nature of change brief explanation see appendix 2
Some of the changes, which should be incorporated, would be as under.
Work with existing staff members: It is well stated that the newly recruited manageress Ms. Jean Porter made various changes in quite a short spam of time without even knowing
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