Organisational Commitment And Why It Is Important

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Introduction This essay main focus is organisational commitment. Organisational commitment is when an employee has a strong connection of responsibility towards the mission of an organisation. This essay will go into great detail of defining and describing the theory of organisational commitment and why it is important, and then I will apply the theory to a situation I have personally experienced in my job, which is, I have just recently experienced a tough decision in my job and that was to either to stay and work a couple of shifts a week or to leave and seeing as I’m a student it wouldn’t be a real problem if I left as this job is short term. Following the application part of the essay I will be recapping the theory and how it related…show more content…
Organisational commitment can also be contrasted with additional work-related attitudes, such as job satisfaction, distinct as an employee 's approach about their job, and organisational identification. Meyer and Allen defines Organisational commitment is viewed as a psychological connection that individuals have with their organisation, characterised by strong identification with the organisation and a desire to contribute to the accomplishment of organisational goals (Meyer & Allen 1997). Organisational commitment has grown significantly in the field of organisational psychology. Early studies of organisation commitment have shown the concept as a single dimension, which was constructed around attitudinal perspective, embracing identification, loyalty and involvement. It was suggested my Porter et al (1974) attitudinal perspective refers to the psychological attachment or affective commitment formed by an employee in relation to his identification and involvement with the respective organisation. He further describes it as an attachment to the organisation, characterised by an intention to remain in it; an identification with the values and goals of the organisation. This theory holds that people that are committed to the organisation as far as they hold their positions, regardless of the demanding conditions they experience. However, should they be given alternative benefits, they will be prepared to leave the organisation. A committed workforce is theorised
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