Organisational Culture

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Organisation Culture as there are many ways in which you can define the subject my interpretation of it is that it is structure of shared meaning which is held by members that differentiate the organisation from other organisations. Culture has its origin in the organisational interaction. The model put forward by Schein (1985) Schein divides organisational culture into three levels: Outer layer: These outer layers are at the surface, those aspects (such as dress) which can be easily recognised, yet are hard to understand; Values and beliefs: beneath the outer layer are “values & beliefs" which are conscious strategies, goals and philosophies Basic Assumptions and Values: The middle, the culture is…show more content…
WHSmith fits in with being a Task Culture this is because the organisation works as rewards are based on results, if targets are met bonus are given if targets are not met bonus is not given out, also for most of the day teams are self directed, with a minim structure which some times leads to employees having it hard to sustain energy and enthusiasm for the job. Differences and Similarities in culture between WHSmith and Boots The differences between WHSmith and Boots is that WHmith fits in with being a Task Culture explained above and Boots being a Power Culture this is because the Boots needs to have some set rules this is because they need to be trained in giving medicine and have to ask certain questions to customers before they sell any medicine item from there store, also Boots employees can not give advise on any product unless they have the training, if they don’t they have to call some of a higher rank to follow up the transition. Looking at the all visible aspects of both company’s Boots have a plain uniforms code and WHSmith don’t. The similarities WHSmith and Boots is that WHmith and boots make similar Visible aspects in the since of language and jargon, both company’s employees will greet you in the same way and give a departing comment when you leave the store. Both company’s have the same mottos “keeping the customers happy and the customers will keep you happy”
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