Organisational Development and Human Resource Management

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Organisations today face many challenges. Organisation must adopt a more strategic perspective for managing employees. This report highlights the key role played by human resource professionals using organisational development techniques to improve the overall organisational effectiveness.


The role of Human Resource Management (HRM) seeks to maximise organisational competiveness and performance through the best practices in the management of people. Management research has also increasingly focused on identifying forms of HRM practices that can increase the performance of the firms (Arkin, 2001). Research had pointed out that a set of ‘Best-Practice’ HRM promises to improve firm performance, or financial outcomes,
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Hiring the right person whose values, principles and goals that fit with the culture of the organisation with necessary training will go a long way toward ensuring employee loyalty and retention. Success in selection has always been the highlight of high performance HRM models whereas the cost of flawed decisions can be considerable to both the employer and employee. Knowledge about jobs and their requirements must be collected through a process known as job analysis (Werther et al., 2003, pg 119) in which information about jobs is systematically collected, evaluated and organised by the HRD. Pfeffer and Veiga (1999) highlighted the modus operandi in effective hiring and selection. Such selections usually deal with a large number of applicants and the selection process focus on the attributes and critical skill not only for the job but for the future of the organisation as well. Firm should also focus on using suitable hiring techniques that seeks out outstanding candidates who are not only possess technical expertise, but also highly committed and trainable.

 Staff Trainings
• In today competitive environment, organisations try to provide their best services to capture market of their product or service. Extensive training improving the job knowledge and skills should apply to all levels of the organisation. It also helps employees identify the organisational goals and this aid in understanding and carrying out organisational
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