Organisational Mission Statement

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Organizational Mission Statements

An organization 's mission is its reason for existence.

It speaks to the questions: Why does this organization exist? Whom does it serve? By what means does it serve them?

The mission statement is the written expression of the basic goals, characteristics, values, and philosophy that shape the organization and give it purpose. It seeks to distinguish the organization from others by articulating its scope of activities, its products/services and market, and the significant technologies and approaches it uses to meet its goals.

Features of Mission Statements

• A mission statement should say who our company is, what we do, what we stand for and why we do it.
• An effective mission statement
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Business objectives, and functional objectives make it possible to set targets. These targets then create a direction for activities.

Objectives are concrete goals that the organizations seek to reach, for example , an earnings growth target.The objectives should be challenging but achievable . they also should be measurable so that the company can monitor its progress and make corrections as needed.
The overarching aims of an organisation can be translated into specific activity objectives. For example, a section head in a supermarket may have the objective at the end of each working day to make sure that there are enough employees scheduled to carry out the required work activities on the following day. Individual employees will have their own work objectives and schedules - e.g. to make sure that a particular section of shelves are filled by a given time.

Objectives therefore provide a clear structure for all of the various activities that an organisation carries out. By measuring how well an objective has or has not been achieved, managers can make necessary changes to their activities to ensure progress and achievement of the stated objectives are made within the timescale allocated.

Objectives within an organisation are established at a number of levels from top level corporate objectives, down to team objectives and individual objectives that create a framework for

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