Organisational Policies : Reporting Of Faults

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P.2 Organisational policies: Reporting of faults A report of fault could be a document that reports problems occurred throughout IT technical support, it can avoid from wrong blame and make certain others understanding what 's wrong with equipment such as laptop or desktop computers, and they are sometimes used once a technician accidentally damages the equipment during maintenance, but problems can be caused not by accidental damage. There are various types of faults and they must to be reported as soon as possible, because it might be the best chance to solve the problem quickly. By reporting the fault as soon as possible, it will be a lot faster to fix it, but it really depends of what problem is there. To report the problem, it needs…show more content…
SLA (Service Level Agreement) SLA is a contract between the IT technician and the company which means that technician must to do and to meet with the company requirements, for example IT technicians will produce the secure networks, authentication via username and password, and also computer troubleshooting and maintenance. Confidentiality Confidentiality within all companies is very important as employees have access to a lot of important information on the company that they could potentially steal, tell others about, post it online or more. Companies have policies in place which are put in place to let their staff know that these such things are unacceptable and helps to reduce this from taking place but will not stop them from their employees doing it. Confidentiality is also important between the company and all their customers and is part of the policy. The companies that hold information on their customers by law are not allowed to give out the information they hold to anyone else without that person’s permission, if this was to happen in the company it will result in actions taking place such as a fine or even worse. Organisational constraints: Costs Most companies that are using IT systems will not have a large amount of money to spend on the equipment they are using and the security they have in place on their systems. Companies will be looking for

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