Organisational Requirements and Planning Tools

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Organisational requirements and planning tools Identify organisational requirements and protocols for diaries and staff planning tools A schedule is a tool for managing time effectively. There are several different types of schedules that can be as simple as a “To do List” or as complex as a plan for a construction project. It involves a reference to a sequence of steps or events and the allotted time for each one. In your role organising schedules you will have to work according to the organisation’s policies and procedures. If you look at the GSE Intranet, you will see the Administration policies and procedures for making appointments and processing schedules. An organisation’s requirements will depend on the availability of…show more content…
Outlook  Ensure the date, day and time of the appointment is recorded precisely to requirements as well as the estimated length of time of the appointment.  It is essential to read back the details of the appointment to reconfirm the correctness of the appointment time / place etc.  If there is a clash of appointments, that they are prioritised in accordance with organisation and legislative requirements.  If there is a cancellation, this is documented according to requirements  Share electronic calendars according to organisational requirements.  All scheduling is conducted in accordance with organisational and legislative requirements Formal documents include:  Policies and Procedures  Quality Assurance Manual  Data Protection Guidelines  Ethical principles  Codes of practice You will also be required to understand the relationship between satisfactorily organising another person’s schedule and achieving team goals. This will require that the information you relay is accurate and in the format the organisation requires. Accordingly that the responsibility involved in making arrangements for other members of staff is understood. Informal Informal or “unwritten” rules could also be called “the way things work here”. They will not be written in a policy or manual. These sorts
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