Organisational Structure, Culture, and Management Style of a Business

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Organisational Structure, Culture, and Management Style of a Business C2 An Analysis of How the Organisational Structure, Culture And Management Style of the Business Affects its Performance and Operation and Help It to Meet Its Objectives The organisation structure of Wednesbury IKEA The organisation structure in the ‘Appendix section’ belongs to the Wednesbury branch of IKEA. Wednesbury IKEA is a large formal organisation and it is best suited to a hierarchical organisational structure. This is because; there are more employees as it goes downwards from each level. This type of organisational structure has many levels of management. The organisational structure has been structured according to its own function i.e.…show more content…
The communication flow will also help IKEA to achieve its objectives, as the departments can communication with each other, efficiently and this helps each other by; swapping ideas, covering each other on breaks, being trained on each other’s departments, etc. The culture of Wednesbury IKEA The culture of Wednsbury IKEA is known as role culture. Role culture is often known as bureaucracy. A bureaucracy is an organisation where all staff has to perform a specific job or role. This culture is often divided into a number of functions that are arranged in hierarchical way. IKEA would divide themselves into several functions such as, marketing, human resources and finance. These functions also have hierarchical ordering of office. For example, the human resources department of Wednesbury IKEA has a Store Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Manager, Human Resource Specialist and Training Co-ordinator. The culture is best suited to IKEA’s organisational structure because; it has a hierarchy structure. The advantages of this culture to IKEA are the main source of power and the main source of influence. The main source of power is the employee’s position in the organisation. For example, the Store Manger of Wednesbury IKEA, at the top of the organisation has more power than the supervisors, at the bottom of the organisation. The main
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