Organisational Structure Impacts on Other Areas of the Business Environment Such as Communication Flow, Project Management and Relationships with Customers

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1.1 Briefly define different types of organizational culture. How would you describe the culture at Greescape? Under the different types of culture, what type of culture, do you think is evident in Greenscape?

Organizational Culture – the idea became recognized with the notion of organizational (corporate) climate in the 60s and 70s.
Different researchers had developed several models and methods to describe them.
4 general categories:

* Compete (Market) Culture – Goal orientated, highly driven and motivated by winning teams/individuals. High-risk taking, fast paced and demanding environment, unlimited working hours. Concentrating on immediate, accountable results. Highly competitive, stressful but rewarding for the employees
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The norms and systems were adjusted to the people in the company. As the business evolves It had become the owners habit, to prioritise her employees and treat them as family. Lita and all employees were direct, honest and involved with each other, played softball together; therefore at Greenscape we can identify Collaborate type of culture.

1.2 How does the relationship between structure and culture impact the performance at Greenscape?

Greenscape started as a sole trader and over 10 years grew to a company of 20 employees. There was not much evidence of any appropriate structure. It was a simple arrangement of people, divided in six to eight working crews. The owner was arranging work schedules around personal lives of her employees. The only person who remained in full power of the company became detached from the organization. There was no focus on the future of the company and none of the bureaucracy methods had been implemented to ensure a smooth running business.
Lita Ong didn’t recognize the need to change and adjust her business to its growing needs. Like not noticing growing out of your own shoes! She needed to implement new departments, like HR, sales, research. Select managers, supervisors and team leaders. Allocate tasks to created departments so she is easily able to coordinate her demanding business.

The organizational culture of the company remain collaborate, friendly and informal as
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