Organisational Structure Of The Nhs

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Leadership and Organisations: The organisational structure of the NHS in Wales This essay aims to discuss the organisational structure of the NHS in Wales applying relevant management and organisational theory. The essay includes the traits and contingency approaches which is linked to leadership and management. In addition to this, it covers how the NHS implies leadership and management into their organisational structure. In similar to this, the improvement the NHS in Wales tend to make, will be discussed. The National Health Service (NHS) in Wales is a public funded sector which provides healthcare services to 3 million people. In 2009, the NHS in Wales went through changes to increase the quality of healthcare provision. On the 1st of October 2009, single local health organisation was created, which is responsible for delivering healthcare within geographical area, instead of the Trust and the local health board system. The current NHS services through seven health boards replacing twenty-two and three NHS Trusts replacing seven in Wales. An example of a health board is the Cardiff and Vale University. This health board has Executive Directors, the employees of the University Health Board (UHB), and Independent Board Members (IMs), who were appointed to the UHB Board by the Minister for Health and Social Services. One of the reason for the change was to ensure that all the patients are provided with good services and to make sure that all the individuals’ needs are
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