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Task 1 a) List two areas of legislation that you may need to consider when organising and conducting meetings. OH&S and minutes of meeting b) Explain how it would apply in a workplace. Minutes of a meeting are so motions can be upheld or not. Minutes are important so what happened in the meeting is recorded and everyone who attended or sent apologies has a copy. OH&S legislation is to protect workers and employers. Task 2 Match each of the following meeting types with the correct descriptions below the table. Meeting Types Descriptions (A,B,C,D,E) Formal E Informal A Semi-formal C Face-to-face D Self-managed B Descriptions a) Does not have the formal structure of a board meeting but is…show more content…
This is a formal meeting where the team reviews its current performance against team objectives. You should make sure your team has the latest performance reports to prepare for the meeting Task a) What information will you include in the meeting notification that you sent to team members? It should include the date, time, location and purpose. It should also contain any specific instructions or actions they need to bring or that need to be undertaken prior to meeting. It might also ask participants if they have agenda items they wish to raise. b) How long before the scheduled meeting date will you send out the meeting notification? Provide reasons for your answer. I would send out the meeting notification 2 weeks in advance. This allows all participants enough time to organise their schedules, to read all documents and prepare for the meeting. c) Why would you take along a spare set of meeting documents to the meeting? You would take spare copies in case any of the participants have forgotten to bring their meeting documents and need a
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