Make Meeting Arrangements Essay

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Task 1: Make meeting arrangements 1- Name three types of meeting and their purposes and three ways that meeting can be conducted. Meeting Purpose Conducted Formal meeting (e.g. Annual Elect the Board of directors The meeting is conducted by General Meeting) and inform members of a chairperson, it includes an previous and future agenda which provide the activities. order of the meeting items, action items or agreements must be nominated by one participant and supported or approved by another. All of this must be recorded in Minutes. It might require a quorum (a minimum number of participants in attendance and eligible to vote). Public meeting Inform, for example, the Could have an limitless community about number…show more content…
Consider access and equity issues for gender, disability access, the young, old or infirm – promoting safe meeting access and environment is just part of participation. 4- List 3 requirements of public meetings. - Public board meetings need to be properly noticed (advertisements must be placed in newspapers, perhaps on television or radio, notices placed where those interested are most likely to see them) - They must be open to the public - Minutes must be taken 5- List the requirements that you would need to know prior to organising a meeting. - Purpose of the meeting Number of attendees and/or participants Date and venue to undertake the meeting Be aware of all legal and ethical requirements that must be taken into account 6- List the resources/materials that may be required for a meeting - Premises, chairperson and attendees - Notice of meeting - Meeting Agenda - Meeting papers or documents in accordance with meeting requirements - Catering (sometimes) 7– What methods can you use to advise participants of a meeting? Email, letter (written invitation), telephone call, advertisement (TV or radio advertisement), noticeboard (e.g.
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