Organisms Of Two Unknown Bacterial Cultures Essay

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Introduction The objective of this experiment is to identify the organisms of two unknown bacterial cultures. Students must identify the species of the unknown bacteria by utilizing the techniques and information learned in previous laboratory exercises. These techniques include streaking for isolation, Gram staining, and specific biochemical tests. Students are given a map known as a dichotomous key, a guide in determining the identity of their unknown sample.
Identifying microbes using a series of biochemical tests, like those performed by students, is used in a clinical settings for several important reasons other than taxonomy. It is used to determine susceptibility to antimicrobial drugs, gain information for future treatments, identify pathogens in terms of their potential danger, aid epidemiologists in tracing sources of infections, and to accumulate data of interest to those studying infectious diseases (Tortora, G. J., Funke, B. R., & Case, C. L., 2016).
The first steps to identifying the two unknown microorganisms in tube 33 & 34 is to perform a Gram Stain, prepare a MacConkey Agar plate, and subculture each unknown on to a Blood Heart Infusion Agar slant.
Table 1.1: Gram Staining result for unknown 33
Identify and classify bacteria as gram negative or gram positive. Crystal violet, Iodine, alcohol, & Safranin Pink rod rod-shaped bacterium Gram Negative Bacilli

Table 1.2: Gram Staining result for unknown 34
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