Organization Analysis : The Wounded Warrior Project

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Organization Analysis The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) began in the year 2003 after many veterans and their friends discovered the necessity to send items of comfort to service members who are wounded and coming back home from Iraq and Afghanistan. From that time, the WWP has developed into a full rehabilitative effort to help warriors as they shift back into a life of a civilian. Using an approach that is holistic, the WWP serves soldiers as well as their families through nurturing the body and mind, and promoting economic engagement as well as empowerment. Through this, service is offered to service members and veterans who sustained a mental or physical injury, sickness, or wound at the time their military service on the 11th of September 2001 or after that date. The mission of WWP is to give tribute to and empower Wounded Warriors. They envision to cultivate the most victorious, stable wounded service members generation in the history of the nation. The purpose of the organization is to create awareness and enlist the support of the public, assist wounded service members and support each other and offer unique, services and programs to meet the requirements of wounded members. Organizational Effectiveness SWOT Analysis Strengths The key strength for WWP is growth. In the year 2011, member participation totaled 11,943. In the year 2013, member participation rose to 38,954 (Gleeson, 2014). Through great marketing, advertising and word of mouth the WWP has offered, it
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