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Task 1: Organization and Leadership Analysis Assessment Code: C200 Kyle Cluff 000505604 08/17/2015 Nelda Turner A- I have chosen to analyze an organization that has helped millions of individuals in Utah and Idaho with their healthcare needs, Intermountain Healthcare, (IHC). For the specific purposes of this paper I will be representing the homecare department of IHC, located in Ogden, Utah. The individual I have selected to analyze is the branch manager who is over the Ogden branch. I have selected this organization and leader as I had the opportunity to work for this company for over 3 years. I have a high level of insight and personal experience that I can bring to this paper which I feel is very advantageous. I hope to learn how to improve the organizational performance of this branch by analyzing previous management and leadership methods. A-1 Intermountain Healthcare is a not-for-profit health system based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with 22 hospitals, a broad range of clinics and services, about 1,400 employed primary care and secondary care physicians at more than 185 clinics in the Intermountain Medical Group areas. They are the largest healthcare provider in the intermountain west; with more than 34,000 employees and serving the majority of the healthcare needs for residents in Utah and southeastern Idaho (Healthcare, 2015). The IHC mission is: Helping people live the healthiest lives possible. Their values are outlined in the 5 areas listed below. •

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