Organization And Management Of Health Agencies

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Lisa Livingstone, Jazmin Perez, Rebecca Louis & Rebecca Rosena Organization and Management of Health Agencies I Organizational Culture July 19, 2015 We did not plagiarize on any aspect of this assignment. Executive Summary Organizational culture in a HCO is predetermined by state and government laws, executed by company rules and influenced by social norms to provide and manage patient care and safety. The organizational culture of our group project was predetermined by the instructions given to us by our professor, executed by our team and guided by the social norms such as internet etiquette as per UCF guidelines. In this document we will discuss how we worked as a team and how we assigned individual roles for completing this…show more content…
Using this document we can give each other feedback and ideas. We had a little difficulty dividing up the sections, but we figured it out and are making progress. We have a set list of questions that we used for the interview. Jazmin Perez interviewed a ARNP and Clinical manager that works at a juvenile corrections facility, Rebecca Louis interviewed a Pharmacy Manager, Lisa Livingstone interviewed a RN/Case Manager, and a patient/caregiver of a medically fragile child, and Rebecca Rosena interviewed a Health Administrator at a Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Some of things we wanted to know were what healthcare professionals liked and disliked about the organization they worked for and what qualities they thought make up a good organization. This group project required a 12 page written paper so the main advantage to working in a group is that we can divide the assignment up and everybody worked on 2-3 pages. The only disadvantage we experienced was in the beginning when we were not sure how to divide the project . Key Concepts Organizational culture- the values, norms, guiding beliefs, and understanding shared by members of an organization and is taught
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