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Organisation and Management [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Organisation and Management 1. 1.1 The concept of “leadership by example” means to have a leader who does the exact thing that he is asking his employees to do. For instance, if a manager is asking his employees to leave by 5 pm for the day, then the manager should himself leave by 5 pm as well. If he stays back to get more work done, he would eventually make his employees feel guilty which might result in them staying late as well.The whole concept of the rule is destroyed. When leaders lead by example, it also puts a positive impact on the culture of the organisation in an ethical sense. The employees feel that the leaders value their opinion which results in them working more efficiently for the organisation as well as providing good results. When leaders lead by example which is doing the same thing that they are asking their employees to do, it results in the organisational culture being healthy and friendlier for everyone. 1.2 The code of ethics is basically a set of ethical benchmark for the investment professionals that are related to the job designation, difference of culture, and the laws. The idea behind having code of ethics in an organisation is to understand that the management is taking care of the customers and placing their need above the management’s wants (Krier,, 2014). The management is also working with the right kind of integrity, competence, and respect. Lastly, the

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