Organization And Unit Mission, Vision, And Values. According

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Organization and Unit Mission, Vision, and Values
According to Huber (2014), in order to accomplish a common goal, an organization needs to have a teamwork. The organizational social structure of health care system has a crucial role in forming an environment that is focused on patient care (Huber, 2014). More than ever before, health care organizations are expected to meet the patient’s needs. Most developed organizations have their own mission, vision, and values. An organizational mission statement defines the purpose of the organization and its views, it serves as a guide for making decisions (Huber, 2014). An organizational vision statement offers more of an insight into an organizational plan for years to come. Core values are
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Cleveland Clinic strives to provide excellent patient care by implementing evidence-based practice (EBP). Cleveland Clinic believes that patients have a right to be included in their own care, and are encouraged to do so. Through MyChart app (Cleveland Clinic, n.d.), patients are able to communicate with their physicians, check on their blood work, and diagnostic tests. We, as Cleveland Clinic employees, are expected to provide compassionate and excellent care and to treat everyone with respect and dignity.
The values of Cleveland Clinic include quality, innovation, teamwork, service, integrity, and compassion (Cleveland Clinic, n.d.). As I already stated, Cleveland Clinic providers focus on providing quality, safe, compassionate, and evidence-based patient care. Our team approach is focussed on our patients, as well as their families. By providing a healing environment that is culturally sensitive, service-oriented, and patient focussed we are able to take care of patients from all over the world.
Nursing Mission of the Organization
Cleveland Clinic nursing institute has a mission to deliver safe, compassionate, and EBP patient care. At the Cleveland Clinic, we have Shared Governance, which is a professional practice model that gives nurses power and ability to voice their opinions in regard to their practice and the care that they provide to their patients (Cleveland Clinic, n.d.). Huber (2014), states that nurses who
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