Organization And Unit Mission : Vision And Values, And Shared Governance

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Organization and Unit Mission, Vision and Values, and Shared Governance In this paper I will discuss the mission, vision, values, and goals of the organization of which I work. Then I will share the organization’s nursing mission and philosophy, and my individual nursing unit mission and philosophy, and my part in fulfilling the mission and philosophy. I will explain the connection between the nursing department, nursing unit, and the organization’s philosophy. Strategies that could strengthen the mission, vision and organizational structure of nursing will also be given. Lastly, I will describe the structure of the nursing department where I work, including how it follows a decentralized model. Mission, Vision and Values, Stated Goals I work for a large hospital that is part of a larger network of hospitals. The network has a mission statement, vision statement, and a values statement. The mission of the network is to build communities that are healthier, provide high-quality care, and health care services that are cost-competitive. The vision is for the network is for physicians, patients, and employees to choose this network over any other network of hospitals or providers in this region. By expecting their needs and exceeding those expectations the network will earn their choice and grow their network leadership. Patients and their families will receive compassionate care at a competitive price resulting in quality outcomes. Employees will choose this network in order
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