Organization Behavior Essay

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Organization Behavior In order to better understand the concepts of organizational behavior, several key terms need to be defined and explained. Some of these key terms include organizational behavior, organizational culture, diversity, communication, organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and organizational learning. To get a better understanding of each of these terms, examples will be given for each term as it applies to National Gypsum Company. Organizational behavior is defined as the study of individuals and groups in organizations. (Schermerhorn, 2005) Organizational behaviors are the way in which employees or teams conduct themselves with in the organization. The organization may set the tune with its mission, vision, and…show more content…
These are put into place by the organization or started and passed along by the employees. National Gypsum has put several of these elements in place to create the organizational culture. The organization has shared values by following the vision and value statements put out by the organization. The organization also uses symbols in the bundling tape that is put on the end of every board. This tape is bright in color and has the company name and logo on it. The employees have many stories to tell of adventures at National Gypsum, and those employees that were around in the early 80's, when the company went through several different owners have many stories and myths. A ritual that is common at the plant level each month is the shift sits down to have lunch together and safety is usually talked about at this lunch. Diversity is defined as a different kind; a variety. (Abate, 1998) When looking at the diverse world that we live in today many differences in every day people are seen, such as race, religion, ethics, morals, age, background, life and work experience, politics, financial, and education. At first glance it would seem that a diverse workforce may be harmful to the organization because the diverse group would not be able to get along or understand each other due to their differences. Having a diverse workforce is a plus for the organization because the differences in the people will allow them to view and handle tasks and
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