Essay on Organization Behaviors

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Course: MBA 741
Name: Wei Liu
To: Kristin Holmberg-Wright
Date: 4-24-2012

1. How do charismatic and transformational leadership compare and contrast? Why are they valid concept today?
A: the charismatic leadership and transformational leadership are almost same, like transformational leader’s Individualized Consideration and charismatic leader’s sensitivity to followers need; transformational leader’s charisma and charismatic leader’s. But they still have some different in some parts. The Charisma in transformation leadership is different with charismatic leadership. Transformational leadership can be used in every level of organizations, but charismatic only suit for top managers. Charismatic leadership has dark sides,
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Leadership Factories 1. It is true the composition impact to the CEO produce. And I believe it plays an important factor in produce CEO. The managers have more practice management experiences; they have more chance to get retraining opportunity; better welfare can make them have better performance in work, then they can get promotions. Managers also have higher education background compare with blue-collar workers, it may help them in promotions. That is why managers have more chance to become CEO.

2. I don’t think the leadership factories also a better place for nonleader to work, the reason why those people can become the CEO must have reasons, their charisma, experiences, education background, passions, are those nonleader cannot compare. The reason why those places become leadership factories is those elite gather in those places, like a real factories, the raw material is the key to produce quality goods.

3. Yes it is, I will choice the more CEO produces company. The more CEO produce company means they have more high working skills employees and better networking environments. Working with those people will help me to learn my leadership skills and develop networking may can be used in future.

4. Yes. A good Leader always has some characteristic can be found in some
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