Organization & Behaviour

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Table of contents 1. Task 1 1.1 Introduction 1 1.2 What’s an Organization? 1 1.3 Organization structure 1 1.4 Type of Organizational structure 2 1.5 Organizational culture 3 1.6 There are four type of cultures 4 1.7 Introduction to the chosen organization 5 2. Introduction of Airtel 5 2.1 The culture of Airtel Pvt 7 2.2 Factors Influence individuals Behavior at work place 7 2.3 Leadership style approach By Airtel 8 2.4…show more content…
The employees are working on department based on what their jobs are in figure 0.1 engineering department, maintenance department, finance department, research department, Warehouse department, purchasing department. The functional structure does not allow flexibility because of centralization. Divisional structure Figure 0.2 Divisional structure divides, shown in figure 0.2 above, the employees based on the product structure, marketing structure, and geographical structure. Each division is responsible for their own product. Matrix structure Figure 0.3 The above figure 0.3 shows Matrix structure because in this structure combines functional structure and divisional structure and take the benefit from these two structures. 1.5. Organizational culture Organizational culture is" The collection of traditional, value, policies, beliefs and attitudes that constitute a pervasive context for everything we do and thin in an organization". (L J.MULLINS, 2007). 1.6. There are four type of cultures Power culture: Power cultures are usually found within a small or medium size organization. Decisions in an organization that display a power culture are centralized around one key individual. That person likes control and the power behind it. As group work is not evident in a power culture, the
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