Organization Decision Making Process

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Until the past decade, most organizations and their managers and employees operated in an information and knowledge fog, making decisions based on best guesses about the past and present, and making expensive errors in the process. Many have failed throughout the course trying to improve the decision making process, there are many ways that contribute to the failure. Organizations can easily miss the market, by not having the right intelligence, analysis, not acting on agreements, having inadequate capitalization or simply because the competitors are doing better job. Another crucial failure during the process is poor execution, when there is ineffective leadership, inefficient operations, and excessive costs. Not following the right strategies is another contributor of failure, not having the right products and services, ineffective marketing, utilizing outdated technologies and not adjusting to the frequent changes on the market in today’s competitive world.
Nevertheless, several steps can guide us to making the right decision. The first is to declare a decision, recognize that an organization ought to make a decision, second is to decide what to make with that decision and finally execute the decision to create results and changes in the outcome of those decisions. There are four stages in the decision-making, intelligence, design, choice and implementation. All of these steps consist of discovering,…
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