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Introduction to Business Management and Organizational Behaviour Organizational Behaviour - Change

Organizational Behaviour – Change
Change affects us all in different ways. The reality today is that managing change and coping with change is a never-ending process that can be complex and stressful. Constant change is commonplace in the modern workplace. Specific factors driving change include changes in the work itself, structural and organizational design alterations, shift to the global economy, and increased diversity.
There is often resistance to change in organizations. This is usually traced to some combination of individual, group, or organizational characteristics, including the design structure of the
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The Three Phases of the Planned Change Process (Lewin)
An important dimension of Lewin's model is to carefully manage change by means of a threestep process.
Phase I
Unfreezing: Creating a felt need for change; minimizing resistance
Unfreezing involves encouraging employees to cast aside old behaviours by "shaking things up" so that the existing equilibrium is destroyed. The goal is to bring about an acceptance among employees that change is needed. Organizations can encourage the adoption of this attitude by signaling that the current behaviour is no longer valued.
Phase II
Moving: Changing people, tasks, structure and technology
In the moving stage, employees are encouraged to develop new behaviours, values, and attitudes. Organizational leaders can facilitate this process by demonstrating desirable behaviour and providing training so that employees acquire the new skills and attitudes. The organization should communicate the overall vision of the change to employees so that they can establish roles within the new structure.
Phase III
Refreezing: Reinforcing outcomes; evaluating results and modifying

Introduction to Business Management and Organizational Behaviour Organizational Behaviour - Change

Finally, in refreezing, the new behaviours and attitudes are reinforced. This is accomplished by establishing a new equilibrium through
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