Organization Details of the Centretown Community Health Centre

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Name of the organization (one sentence) The name of the Organization is Centretown Community Health Centre. Website of the organization (one sentence) The organization's website is Sector of activities (few sentences) The Centretown Community Health Centre offers a variety of services to the poor members of the community achieve their life objectives. Firstly, the organization offers Diabetes Education program that helps people manage their type II diabetes and pre-diabetes. They do this by offering group education, maintaining individual follow up, preventing complications, teaching on foot care and other self-care practice. Secondly, the organization carries out is Health Services and Primary Care done by a highly skilled interdisciplinary team where doctors and people responsible in different work areas can come together to provide medical services to registered clients, the main objective of this service is to ensure that clients receive the best possible care. Thirdly, the organization offers Counseling and Wellness Programs, which enhance the wellbeing of individuals, families and the entire community. The fourth service is Building Healthy Communities Together, which enables the community to put together healthy decisions in their lives. Lastly the organization offers Citywide Programming and Services, which is open to all those living in Ottawa region and mostly deals with those involved in Gay and the homeless people. Date of year end

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