Organization Development : An Important Asset

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Introduction The combination of the readings, case studies, discussion boards, and paper critique are conveniently and evenly distributed in the coursework. The variety is advantageous for students to learn via different approaches. All of the course materials brought up opportunities to relate past or current work experiences for students. From a personal viewpoint, most previous job experiences related to how OD interventions would have been so much better had the organizations known to involve their expertise and how experiences were troublesome as a result. Readings Organization development is an important asset. It promotes a healthy environment and ensures that processes are successfully implemented. Failure to utilize…show more content…
In regard to change implementation, one important learning point occurred with the realization that when change is implemented, it affects the rest of the organization. Data gathering offered excellent advice on different methods to be used and why some methods are preferred to others such as interviewing one-on-one which allows for more confidentiality and employees are more inclined to offer information in comparison to group interviews as well as behavioral signs to be aware of and what they could mean. Additionally, the chapter readings teach the importance of basing interpretations on facts and not opinions or biased information. Another aspect realized in the readings is the value of explaining to employees why a process intervention is warranted and to also understand why employees react the way they do to a change process initiative. Also, from an ethical point of view, employee participation should be a voluntary act based on their willingness to participate. The wellbeing of the human element is most likely to have a positive effect on the organization. Lastly, team interventions assist leadership in escalating new change processes that are vital for the existence of the organization. Organization development exists for the purpose of retaining valued employees by investing in their training which can involve reframing and correcting misperceptions, especially within and between teams. The involvement of an OD practitioner in
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