Organization Development and Its Relevance to the Organizational Context

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Introduction Over the last 40 years, organization development has been widely applied in organizations settings across the world since it emanated from United States (Rees, 2008) and has progressed from a limited conceptual and practice base into a comprehensive, global approach to organizational improvement (Glassman and Cummings,1991), so it seems that understanding organization development’s content and its relations to organizations has become more and more critical for OD professions. Therefore, as a student study organizational change and development, I will explore these aspects in this essay. 1. Organization Development Organization development, originates from United States in the mid-1950s, is generally known as both a…show more content…
To conclude, organization development, as crucial as it is, it is interdisciplinary in nature and draws on sociology, psychology, and theories of motivation, learning, and personality (Meyer and Meyer, 2011), can be treated as a process through which organization develop by adopting a series of planned intervention strategies that aim to enhance the effectiveness of the organizations and its well-being (Mulili and Wong, 2011) 2. Why Organization Development is relevant to a organizational context: using a Chinese state-owned enterprise as an example With the advent of the changing era, the world’s business environment has become a rather dynamic and comprehensive one. Operating in today’s increasingly risky, rapidly changing and unpredictable global business environment, organizations have to constantly adjust their internal configurations – structure, work processes, technology, and culture – to cope the changing environment and to maintain efficiency (Sun, 2000), therefore, organization development, has been adopted as an effective approach to deal with this changing environment by many organizations all around the world since its core is about planning change. And according to the text above, organization development can be treated as a process through which
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