Organization Function of Management

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Organizing Function of Management University of Phoenix MGT 330 - Peggy Terrasi Learning Team C Team Members: John Champagne, Malka Feast, Jason Fruge, David Rampolla, Tom Tumminelli, Derrell Beck, Vinton Morgan Organizing Function of Management The four functions of management: planning, organizing, controlling and performing are all crucial to managers and corporations across the world. After the planning function of management from the top executives down to all management staff, organizing the resources of the organization is a key element to provide the necessary action into place. Specifically, organizing physical assets, human resources, knowledge management, and technology are key elements to organize. Physical assets are…show more content…
From an information technology standpoint, advantages available are the ability to communicate with the customers in real time for self service, the ability to pull up information from different servers and databases and the introduction of a process to produce and support paperless electronic transmissions for various transactions. Alternatives that may be provided for the human resources division include hiring a third party or consultant that will aid in lowering costs, staying current with practices and the justification of highly specialized field expert employees whom services are necessary to the survival of the organization. Knowledge Management Knowledge management is set of practices aimed at discovering and harnessing an organization 's intellectual resources-fully use the intellects of the organization 's people. Knowledge management is about finding, unlocking, sharing, and altogether capitalizing on the most precious resources of an organization: people 's expertise, skills, wisdom, and relationships (Bateman, 2009). Knowledge management allows more employees to be involved in the decision making process of the company. In the roofing and sheet metal industry knowledge management is very important in the success of the organization. An employee 's experience in the
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