Organization Management

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Introduction Organizational change and adjustments are usually carried out in order to improve the performance of different departments within the organization or its subsidiaries. While carrying out these changes, it is crucial that the concept of 'fairness' be emphasized within the environment of the balanced scorecard while the performance of the various departments should appraised and appropriately measured (Aryani,2009).This work is about a small UK company acquired by a larger US company. The US company then throws lots of money at the UK company to rapidly grow their sales, which creates an environment of "unfairness" between technology and sales departments in the UK. The US Company then realizes that the UK Company has technology they need and must now increase productivity levels in technology and retain the technology staff. The technology department consists of 20 staff and everybody reports into the CTO (flat structure). The CTO was with the UK Company when it was small and this is his first job so he doesn't understand HR best practices. The analysis The analysis indicates that that the small UK company suffers from a serious lack of balance in the performance of its technology and sales department. The total lack of experience of the CTO in the best HR practices is another source of problem. The organization's flat structure also puts it at a disadvantage. Kaplan and Norton (2001) clearly indicated that that organization should be observed in four
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