Organization Need People or People Need Organization

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ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR PEOPLE NEED ORGANIZATION OR ORGANIZATION NEED PEOPLE SUBMITTED BY MONIKA RAJPUT MBA 1. INTRODUCTION Definitely organization always works for its customers. Profits of any organization are only depending on the no. of customers it have. So you can say that organization needs people (as customers) for its proper growth and sustainability. On the other side question arises that how an organization work? Simple answer! The people working for the organization make it to work. This group of people is known as workforce. Is it not the two sides of the same coin which is always focuses for the profit, growth and personal requirements whether it is an organization or the people. Without people, organization cannot…show more content…
Remember that the insurance provider is not only insuring the price of the car, but also insuring the welfare and wellbeing of each passenger involved in a collision The insurance company will insist that anyone who lives in the same house, and who frequently or irregularly operates the same vehicle as an insured driver, must be accounted for on the policy and must take accountability as a second driver. Therefore, if a child becomes of legal age, then the insurance company will usually insist that he or she is officially added to the policy, unless they have their own separate policy. Does the insurance company have the right to ask about other drivers in your home? Definitely. The insurance company is trying to decide if they want to invest in your driving safety. Also bear in mind that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires insurance companies to ask for this information, as this shows the company to be a legitimate and licensed insurance provider. Since the insurance company is required to ask this question, they must be given an answer pertaining to all members of the immediate family, and their driving history. This information will help the company to assign a proper auto insurance rating, and will ultimately decide the amount of risk involved. Always answer this question truthfully. Though nobody enjoys invasive questioning,
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