Organization Overview : Amazon And Jeff Bezos

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Organization Overview and Jeff Bezos are great leaders. is a leader in online retail, but that is not all that they do, which will be expanded later on. Jeff Bezos is one of the top leaders in the world, but that is not the only reason why I chose him for this analysis, it is because he has build from the ground up for 22 years.

Organization Description headquarters is based is Seattle, Washington, which Washington was where Amazon was incorparated back in 1994 by CEO and Founder, Jeff Bezos. In early 1997, Jeff Bezos and made known that they are going public with a starting price of $18.00 per share of Amazon, or known as AMZN in the stock market exchange. Now Amazon is nearing 350 billion dollars in worth, according to the market cap. is in many things and the main thing that they do is sell products, which has made them the largest online retailer. Yet Amazon just doesn’t just sell products, they also have services such as web hosting, movie streaming, television show streaming, music streaming, electronic books, and much more. Those services put them against other top companies, such as movie streaming and Netflix, television shows and Hulu, music streaming and Pandora.

In a Jeff Bezos’s shareholders’ letter, he stated that the objective for is to try to raise customer trust with the company. The second part of the objective is to not profit on the short-term but to profit on the
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