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Name Professor’s Name The Course Number 5 November 2015 Organizational Profile Exercise for Your Organization According to (Kondalkar, 112), organization profile is a basis for self-evaluation or self-assessment. It refers to the influences of how an organization operates; it is a snapshot of your group (Wilson, 387). In this paper, I will analyze some exercises that are related to the organizational profile. A). Organizational Profile P. 1 Organizational Description My organization is a privately owned corporation. I am the chief executive officer though I am assisted by other functional managers and shop floor staff in running this organization. A).ORGANIZATIONAL ENVIRONMENT 1. Product/ Service Offerings. My organization will…show more content…
3) Suppliers and Partners: The key suppliers are sugar producers and fruits suppliers. I have partnered with these suppliers through backward integration strategy. This partnership has enhanced collaboration and efficient communication between my company and the suppliers. One of my key supply chain needs is that supply contracts are won through a competitive tendering process. P.2 Organizational Situation: My organization strategy is to deliver quality products and gain a competitive edge. a. COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT 1) Competitive Position: My business is competitive as it offers products to markets in Africa, Australia, and America. We are a big company affiliated to Pepsi and in some years to come, say twenty years I presume we will be the market leaders and we will be operating in all corners of the world. 2) Competitiveness Changes: Diversification by our competitors, bait advertising and job poaching. 3) COMPARATIVE DATA: Data is available from market surveys, customer feedback, and market responsiveness. b. STRATEGIC CONTEXT My greatest strategic challenge is competition and high regularized environment. My advantage is that I offer high-quality products that has made my company gain considerable market share and compete against other giants such as Coca-Cola. c. PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM I have invested heavily in training and development of my staff; I have also procured latest
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