Organization Profile Sustaining Change At Pearson Acquired Embanet Compass Knowledge Group

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Organization Profile—Sustaining Change The purpose of this paper is to analyze a sustained change my organization had after a significant change we encountered when Pearson acquired Embanet Compass Knowledge Group. I work as a Program Coordinator and in this paper we will review the resistance encountered during the change process, analyze the response to this resistance and the sustained change. In this analysis, I will incorporate the view of Jaclyn Kleinaitis, a Lead Instructional Designer within the organization and the person I interview to provide insight of the organization. Being ready for the resistance and making sure the solutions fit the existing culture are the keys to making change work. It’s important that the new way…show more content…
Those things are big, although it doesn 't sound like that big of a deal, it 's changing your workflow. (Personal communication, September 21, 2015) As critical as planning for culture fit is the need to communicate throughout the merger process. A clear and thoughtful communication plan can go a long way in easing concerns, distrust and resistance as employees are challenged to go from the known to the unknown. (Gunn). Even though, we experience many changes, the leaders communicated with us the plan and the timeline to provide a vision and clarity. Jaclyn stated, “They were all very open, if you have questions, please come to us. If you 've got concerns, please come to us. There wasn 't any sort of we need to be quiet; we need to keep quiet”. (Personal communication, September 21, 2015) Furthermore, the leaders worked nonstop to resolve the system issues we encounter and they were attentive to how this affected us. They provided a timeline of what will happen, and when it will happen. According to “Organizational Change and Development” resource, “The key to avoiding or handling resistance to change based on lack of understanding is to communicate clearly what the change entails”. (Organization Development). In addition, I believe we all experience the “DADA syndrome”. The process people go through when

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