Organization Quality Improvement Plan

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ORGANIZATION QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PLAN 1 Executive Summary The paper presents a quality improvement plan for Scottsdale Memorial Hospital to reduce food wastage in the hospital. The quality improvement plan observes that there is a lot of food wastage in the hospital result from patient none adherence to the treatment dietary needs. The plan shows that counseling, medical doctors, nurses, management and the kitchen staff will be engaged in the proposed improvement. For the implementation of the plan, information from the staff and the patients will be gathered. This information will be collected to facilitate its implementation by advising on the ideal standards of ensuring adherence to diet by patients. The plan is expected to yield to lower cost by reducing waste, increased efficiency in provision of the treatment and reduced mortality rate among patients. The plan will require alteration of the staff working programs and call upon more training to increase their motivation in the implementation of the plan. There is an additional need for kitchen staff to liaise with the medical staff and the management in the implementation of the improvement plan. The plan will require that the staff keeps records of the implementation providing guidance to the corrective measures necessary to see to the success of the plan. The plan will use questionnaires and interviews as the key data collection tools. The data collected will be presented in the form of pie charts and
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