Organization Structure And Design 1

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Organization Structure and Design
“Organizational structure and design help companies to understand themselves and ideally to work together to accomplish all the tasks and achieve all the goals of an organization”
Organizational Structure
“The formal framework by which jobs tasks are divided, grouped, and coordinated”

Organizational structure is the skeleton of an organization. The organization structure of Mobilink represent well-organized system of control of operations and have very efficient administration who is continuously viewing who is performing the various functions and tasks of a company and how these people relate to one another. Organizational structure encompasses a list of the various job positions, titles and duties of a
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Althoug,all departments in an organization play a vital role in achieving goals and objectives. Yet the major departments of Mobilink are as follow:

Chain of Command:
“Chain of command refers to a company 's hierarchy of reporting relationships -- from the bottom to the top of an organization, who must answer to whom”
Mobilink’s Perspective: Mobilink has cross-functional teams, everyone working as a team mostly to achieve targets properly and also see unity of command in organization. Each department has several line managers who control 11 to 12 teams of 20 to 25 employees ,number of employees depend on the structure of team and line managers has an authority to give direction to these teams for performing specific task. These employees should report to their line managers. These line managers are controlled by Middle managers of company. The chain of command not only establishes accountability, it lays out a company’s lines of authority and decision-making power. A proper chain of command ensures that every task, job position and department has one person assuming responsibility for performance.
Span of Control:
“The number of people reporting to a manager”
Mobilink’s Perspective:
Mobilink has wide span of control. Overall strength of employees in Mobilink is 4500 in which top managers are 75, Middle Managers are 750 and Line managers are 3675.Employees are

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