Organization Structure and Culture

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Organizational Structures and Culture By Duncan Roy Wood Submitted to Dr David Chu Contents Title page Introduction 1. Organisational Structure and Culture 1. Compare and Contrast Organisational Structure 2. Relationship between an Organisation’s Structure and Culture and Effects on Business Performance 3. Factors that Influence Individual Behaviour at Work 2. Approaches to Management and Leadership 1. How Organisational Theory Underpins Principles and Practices of Organising and of Management 2. Different Approaches to Management and Theories of Organisations 3. Differeent Leadership Styles and Leadership…show more content…
Psychological factors, a psychological thinking is a person’s set of expectations regarding what he or she will contribute to the organisation and what the organisation in return will provide to the indivdual. An individual’s contributions to an organisation include such things as effort, skills, ability, time and loyalty. Organisations provide inducements to individuals in the form of tangible and intangible rewards. Self esteem is the extent to which a person believes that he or she is a worthwhile and deserving individual. Motivation is the set of forces that cause people to engage in one behaviour rather than some alternative behaviour, consider for example – the Manchester United football manager Sir Alex Ferguson. He is probably classed as one of the best and most successful managers in the world. Far from football, motivation clearly plays a pivotal role in Ferguson’s quest to remain at the upper echelon of his profession. Ferguson is old, so he as done a great deal, he’s rich so he’s not money motivated,so why does he continue. Perhaps his motivation comes from wanting to achieve immortality as a top class football manager within the club he has been with for many years. Only Ferguson knows why he’s truly motivated. There are lots of factors influencing individuals at work, such as psychological factors, motivation leadership, etc. If we want to be
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