Organization Structure of Intel

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Intel Organization Structure: Intel Corporation is the largest manufacturer of semi-conductor chip across the globe based on its revenue. The American global technology firm was founded in 1968 and is the inventor of a series of microprocessors that are commonly found in many personal computers. The firm is also a producer of network interface controllers and integrated circuits, embedded processors, motherboard chipsets, graphic chips, flash memory, and computing and communications devices. The success of this firm is attributed to its pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore as well as the executive leadership of its top management. This executive leadership has enabled Intel to combine advanced chip design ability with capability for leading-edge manufacturing. The company also has a comprehensive organizational structure that enables it to conduct its business processes effectively. Organizational Structure of Intel: As the largest producer of microprocessors worldwide, Intel Corporation consists of a corporate level structure that reflects its large product groups that are known as the divisional structure. The company was officially organized into 6 different divisions in 2008 i.e. Digital Home, Digital Enterprise, Mobility, Flash Memory, Channel Platforms, and Digital Health. These various divisions generate different percentages of revenue to the company with the Digital Enterprise Group being the largest with approximately 55 percent followed by the Mobility

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