Organization Structure of the Gang 'Latin Kings'

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However, this group, that was meant to protect Latino immigrants against racism and oppression, grew over the years and turned into one of the largest criminal gangs in America. From 1970 the Latin Kings started to commit a large number of crimes: murder, drug trafficking, robberies etc. Since then they started to grow bigger and bigger, and they spread all over the world; especially in Latin America, and Spain (Europe). In the United States they are divided into two factions: Motherland or KMC (King Manifesto and Constitution) and Bloodline who has its home in New York.
Almighty Latin King Nation (ALKN) represents Hispanics who are associated with the Motherland faction. This street gang contains approximately 35,000 members. In 1986 Luis Felipe or "King Blood" (how he named himself) founded a new chapter in New York. Those who follow the Bloodline faction are also named Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation (ALKQN). This street gang has approximately 7,500 followers operating in 15 cities in 5 states. Although ALKQN has the same culture and structure as the Motherland, there is very little information about their business in Chicago. Their main income is coming from drug selling (cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin and marijuana). In 1995, dozens of members living in…
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