Essay about Organization and Coherence at School: Common Planning Time

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A school organization is only as good as if effective systems and structures that are established within the institution. The effective school leader must demonstrate the capacity to assess and align necessary systems, structures, and resources in order to allow staff members to sustain or improve the learning outcomes of students. As a second year principal, one shortcoming around structure is the lack of consistency in our common planning time (CPT). While I developed a template for these meetings, I have not modeled nor fully delineated the expectations and outcomes for the purpose of CPT. Further, re-establishing structures for student discipline and family engagement have been a challenged at our site, and it is imperative that we…show more content…
It captured some thoughtful insight when the teachers attempted to look at the Fountas & Pinnell reading assessments and identify the needs of students. One teacher expressed that her students were “coming along” while the other stated that her students “had a difficult time expressing their thoughts and feelings” about characters in stories. Great, but where is the data that indicated their subjective findings? I realized that we are not looking at true data but making assumptions based on their superficial observations. It is imperative that we refine this process or else it will perpetuate as business as usual. The next step is to further delineate the expected outcomes for participants during these common planning time meetings. A professional development opportunity must be in store to address the following shortcomings: review the template to enhance common understanding, distinguish between objective and subjective feedback, clarify the importance of using student data or work as the catalyst for next steps within the ROCI process, and emphasize the importance of true fidelity. Further, as we become more adept in the ROCI process, developing 3-5 common lessons that lead to peer observation is ideal for next steps. Another area that needs attention is defining the protocols and structures for student discipline. As a Behavior RTI school, we have established matrixes as catalyst for teaching students of expected

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