Organization 's Failure Or Success

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1.1 Background of the study
Labour which is supplied by employees is the most important factor of production in an organization. Organization’s failure or success is predicted on the labour force and their willingness to perform, successful only when their employees work hard and find ways to improve on their task. Employees realize their full abilities when motivated even when facing challenges, working under stressful conditions or having tough times on their job. An important role is for sure accounted by the manager in coordinating individual workers efforts to achieve the objectives of the organization. His works are organizing, leading, planning, supervising and directing employees so that they can on their own willingly contribute their best to the attaining and accomplishment of organization objectives.
It is relevant to recognize the fact about the uniqueness of people, their difference in need, ambition, desires and the difference in levels of their skills and knowledge as well as potentials. All these differences should be recognized by a manager, be able to advice and recommend several motivation programmes to meet the needs of individuals. If the needs of an individual have been satisfied, then he will be motivated to perform in his task.
All programmes designed to motivate employees try to create conditions that encourages them to satisfy their needs on one hand and to accomplish organization goals on the other hand. Motivation
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