Organization 's Strong And Weak Points

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Introduction Before an organization starts carrying out its activities, it has to come up with a strategic plan. This will help it in effectively and efficiently carrying out its activities. Before coming up with the plan, the management should carry out both an internal and external analysis. This will assist it in identifying the organization’s strong and weak points. (Jackson, 2006).
Implementation plan
Before an organization comes into operation, the management has to come up with various objectives that they want the organization to achieve. The objectives may be both long term and short term, depending on the mechanisms that would be put forward to achieve them. Objectives determine the path that the organization will take in implementing its plans. The management should not come up with objectives that will only favor section of the members of the organization, (Carrin, 2009). Our organization, Delta Chicken had the following objectives: to increase our financial earning within the next two years up to 35%, to come up with new products that will attract new customers, to improve the quality of our products through training of our employees and to reduce the number of complaints received from customers and by the end of this year, we should have accessed Asian market.
Functional tactics Most organizations usually use the functional tactics strategy in order to achieve the short term objectives. This will give the management a good platform of coming up

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