Organizational Analysis: Human Resource Structure and Management

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The effective and efficient running of business operations is solely based on the performance of employees in the organization (Robbins & Coulter, 2006). They create a liaison between the organization and its stakeholders and contribute towards its success and prosperity. Employees perform their duties and responsibilities at different levels in an organization. Therefore, the success of teams, groups, and the whole organization lies in the collective efforts of all the organizational members which are connected with the organization's performance in one way or another (Saxena, 2009). The following sections are dedicated to present a complete organizational analysis by discussing the roles of Top Leadership, immediate supervisors or managers, individual group members, and the Human Resource Department in an organization. The focus of this paper is to describe the ways an organization can fully leverage its human resource in order to improve its operational and financial performance and achieve a remarkable success in its industry.
1. The Role of Top Leadership
a. Formulating Corporate Wide Policies and Strategies:
Top Leadership is the supreme authority in any organization. It consists of a Board or Directors and a Top Management. The Board is responsible to formulate corporate wide policies and strategies…
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